On establishing Open Government Initiative (OGI) Government – Civil Society Dialogue Platform

Azerbaijan joined OGI in 2011 in order to advance the work on increasing transparency and promoting open government, to exchange international experience and to make contribution to international efforts in this area. “National Action Plan for Promotion of Open Government for the years 2012-2015” was approved on September 5, 2012, with an eye to providing for the continuity of activities implemented within the framework of “National Strategy on increasing transparency and combating corruption” confirmed by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (RA) No 2292 dated July 28, 2007, enhancing legal and regulatory framework and institutional mechanisms in this area, conforming the activities of state and local selfgovernment bodies to principles of open government, expanding the public’s participation in and increasing transparency of the decision-making process and ensuring the fulfillment of international commitments in this area. The latest “National Action Plan for Promotion of Open Government for the years 2016- 2018”, which was put into effect by the Order of the President of RA dated April 27, 2016, aims to broaden the implementation of principles of open government, introduce new mechanisms in the fight against corruption, continue and broaden the scope of activities toward strengthening the operation of civil society institutions and public oversight. Hereby, the undersigned, representatives of the civil society and the Government and members of the National Assembly,

 Considering the contribution made by the enhanced implementation of “Open Government Partnership” Initiative toward increasing transparency, improving accountability, public participation and use of innovations in combating corruption by state bodies in their work,

 Stressing the importance of the significant support, which Government-Civil Society Dialogue shall provide to successful implementation of “Open Government Partnership” Initiative (OGPI) in Azerbaijan, And, in agreement with “National Action Plan for Promotion of Open Government for the years 2016-2018”, we declare the establishment of Open Government Initiative Government – Civil Society Dialogue Platform, with the aim of:

 Supporting the advancement of implementation of OGPI in Azerbaijan,

 Expanding further the administration of transparency and principles of open government in the work of state bodies,

 Providing public oversight of the implementation of this Initiative in Azerbaijan, and

 Coordinating the efforts and activities of state bodies and civil society institutions for widening the application of principles of open government. Principles governing the Platform’s work are transparency, impartiality, professionalism and openness to cooperation.

Platform works in the following directions:

 Cooperate with the Government of Azerbaijan (GOA) and the National Assembly in respect of access to information, fiscal transparency and public participation, and provide recommendations on these issues within the framework of Government-led reforms,

 Conduct the monitoring of the National Action Plan that has been developed developed by GOA in the framework of OGPI,

 Represent Azerbaijan’s civil society OGPI,

 Cooperate and consult with state bodies, local civil society institutions and international organizations, as well as representatives of the private sector,

 Promote e-government.

Platform’s functions and other aspects of its activities are governed by Platform’s Regulations and its operation is coordinated by Platform’s Coordinator. Membership in Platform is open to any representative of civil society, parliament and Government who supports this initiative and all members have equal rights and duties. In view of the aforesaid objectives and mindful of the importance of close cooperation between Government and civil society for Open Government Initiative and public participation in this process, hereby, we sign this Memorandum.