Criteria and Standards Subcommittee Recommendation on the Policy on Upholding the Values and Principles of the OGP for the case of Azerbaijan
Alimammad Nuriyev: “Conclusions have been achieved in the discussions with the Ministry of Taxes”
Open Government Initiative being discussed in the regions of Azerbaijan
Yerli Səviyyəli  Açıq Hökumətin Təşviqinə dair Hökumət-Vətəndaş Cəmiyyəti Dialoqu Platforması yaradılıb
“Açıq hökumət” Milli Fəaliyyət Planının 2-ci istiqaməti üzrə monitorinq aparılacaq
In Ganja, discussions have been held on topic “Public Participation. Citizen Participation in local decision-making”
EU Urged to Adopt Comprehensive Transparency Agenda
The monitoring of application of the Law on “Public Participation” is being carried out
Open Government Platform will be closely involved in the implementation of strategic road maps
Increasing role of media and civil society in Open Government Partnership İnitiatives