National action plan

National Action Plan for the years 2016-2018 on Open Government Initiative


Azerbaijan has achieved a great success in increasing transparency and anti-corruption strategy as a result of the implemented strategy. Open government principles has always been an integral part of this strategy and measures were taken aiming to expand the use of information and communication technologies in public administration, to provide openness for the information access, to increase public participation and provide for close cooperation with civil society institution. Azerbaijan has contributed to the international efforts in promoting the principles of open government and was one of the first countries to join ‘Open Government Partnership’ international initiative. “ASAN service”, which is applicable to the provision of public services, was awarded with the United Nations “the State Service Award” 2015, is a good innovative example of this approach.
Adoption and implementation of the law on “Public Participation”, which provides the legal framework for the expansion of public participation- one of the principles of open government, provides the establishment of public councils under the control of government institutions, ensures active participation of civil society institutions in the discussions of the important draft laws and functions of the state bodies. According to the competitiveness index of the World Economic Forum in 2015, Azerbaijan ranked 40th among 148 countries and in the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2016” report ranked Azerbaijan 7th out of 189 countries on “starting a business” criteria. The projects implemented to promote open government are defined as priority areas by government agencies and civil society institutions operating in this field are supported by them.

Measures are successfully implemented to increase transparency and fight corruption. These measures have also completed the economic reforms and created new opportunities for sustainable economic development.

The adoption of the “National Action Plan for the years 2016-2018 on Open Government Initiative” and the scope of the measures to expand open government principles and prevent corruption are an indication of the existing strong political will of Azerbaijan. The National Action Plan was developed with the active participation of civil society and were discusses in a number of public hearings.


Open Government Initiative National Action Plan 2012-2015