Alimammad Nuriyev: “Conclusions have been achieved in the discussions with the Ministry of Taxes”

Platform coordinator, Alimammad Nuriyev, stated in the interview to the Open Government Platform’s website: “With the initiative of the Open Government Platform, the meeting with the civil society in the Ministry of Taxes was very important and productive. Samira Musayeva, general director of the Tax Policy and Strategic Research Department of the Ministry of Taxes and other officials shared their views and answered questions.”

Nuriyev noted that this meeting was very useful for both sides: “I would like to note that the Ministry of Taxes is represented in the Open Government Platform. It means, as a Platform, we always have the opportunity to express our opinion to the Ministry of Taxes and at the same time hear theirs. This meeting was very useful, because it was in the form of expert discussions. Ministry of Taxes learned about civil society position, opinion and suggestions on reforms implemented among tax authorities and amendments made to Tax Code. At the same time, the civil society was acquainted with the approaches and position of the Ministry of Taxes. Both sides put forward their recommendations to solve existing problems. A common approach were expressed on many issues, particularly improving the environment, ensuring transparency and combating corruption. Members of the Platform and NGO representatives made clear remarks. Expert discussions are more optimal for open and productive exchange of views. This format allows for finding solutions to problems and putting a more professional approcah into the foreground.”

The Coordinator of the Platform also underlined that specific conclusions were achieved during these discussions: “First of all, we have come to a common conclusion about the importance of public debates prior to passing amendments to tax legislation. We have reached an initial agreement on cooperation between the Platform and the Ministry of Taxes. It was decided that Platform will apply with a relevant letter to the Ministry of Taxes for the  explanation of the legislation related to the release of funds allocated for grant contracts from VAT. At the same time, we have agreed with the Ministry of Taxes to continue our partnership and organize such meetings in the future. Most importantly, there was direct communiction between civil society and the Ministry of Taxes without intermediaries. Questions of citizens given through Facebook and email were also delivered to the representative of the Ministry.”

Nuriyev said that meeting in this format are planned to be held with other state agencies as well.