Open Government Platform will be closely involved in the implementation of strategic road maps

Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication and Open Government Platform hold a conference “National economy and the key sectors of the strategic road map of the economy” was very important to discuss the importance of participation of civil society in achieving the objectives determined by the stratejic road maps of the events.

Alimammad Nuriyev, coordinator of the Government-Civil Society Dialogue Platform on Open Government Initiatives, expressed his opinion on this topic.

According to him, the Open Government Platform appealed to the assistant of the President for economic reforms, Mr. Natig Amirov for a greater involvement of the civil society in the development of the strategic road maps to achieve the defined objectives. The appeal was positively responded: “I would like to express my gratitude to Natig Amirova and Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication. Strategic road map for the prospects of the national economy was developed in a comprehensive way and most importantly, it reflects the realistic vision of the country. Now, the main issue is the solution of tasks in order to achieve the intended goal. I think that it should be the main aim for our society to achieve these goals. In this regard, the participation forms of civil society and discussion of its role were very useful.

A.Nuriyev said that Executive Director of the Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, Vusal Gasimov expressed his thoughts about the role of the civil society for implementation of the planned actions in the national perspective of strategic road map: “It was so crucial for us. Recalling the process of discussions on a strategic road map V. Gasimli, noted that it is expected to work closely with the civil society during the implementation and monitoring of the plans. Debates will be continued and this meeting is the beginning of the establishment of a new cooperation model. Because, it is important to support the process of reform and this support must be thorough. Member of Parliament, the National Coordinator of the International Organization of the Open Government Partnership for Azerbaijan Vusal Huseynov, Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics Adalat Muradov, and Director of the ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science) Economic University Nazim Imanov, World Bank’s employee Saida Bagirli also expressed their opinions on this issue.

Members of the Platform Sabit Bagirov, Rana Safaraliyeva, Vugar Bayramov, Abil Bayramov, Israil Isgandarov, Umud Mirzayev, Gadir Ibrahimli, and experts Osman Gunduz, Elchin Rashidov suggested their proposals. A. Nuriyev stated that discussions were clear and useful and the state bodies, as well as representatives of the Open Government Platform determined a common vision: “Determining a common vision and joint activities are very important for civil society to exchange views. As a Platform and as representatives of civil society we are ready to give every kind of support in the implementation of measures envisaged in the strategic road maps. To support the process of reform, implementation of these issues in coordination with relevant government agencies, of course, will give more benefits to the process. I think that it was important for the state agencies to hear position and stance of the civil society. Such discussions set the stage for success in combining efforts and achieving practical results. I am sure that in the near future we will see such positive results.”

Nuriyev said that the joint measures on the strategic road maps continue: “These discussions will be held in more professional way and will be devoted to specific topics.”